Are you the victim of a data breach?


Be empowered, get YOUR remedy, Take Control and build your Wealth! Hold data breached companies accountable for the theft of your information. They DO NOT KNOW where your information is an who stole it. You are injured now and in the future because of this. 


All of the hard work has been done for you. All you have to do is fill in your personal information and follow the steps to complete the procedure. It is that simple.


You will use the Private Administrative Remedy to get data breached companies into commercial default by their silence and acquiescence to ALL of the claim put forth in your Conditional Acceptance. You will WIN even before you walk into any litigation. 


All you have to to do is get a case number and file a motion for summary judgment because you WON through the completion of your Private Administrative Remedy. 


If you go the conventional route of hiring an Attorney to do this for you, you will easily pay a minimum $5K-$15K and there is no guarantee. With this process, the data breached company will be forced to settle with you or pay your the amount in your claim. 


You DO NOT need to be Secured Party to complete this process. If you are an SPCPB it will only strengthen your position because you have a Superior claim. 


The amount agreed/ acquiesced to be paid is a minimum $75 Million dollars. They will try and settle for pennies on the dollar, but once they are in default and a judgment is rendered as a result of that default, that amount must be paid. Private Banker GOLDEN RULE: Always put THEM in a position to pay YOU!


Take control of your information and life. Get your remedy! 


This is educational information provided to the common man/woman in Do It Yourself Commercial Remedy form. This is NOT advice in any form. 


Be well, be blessed. 

Data Breach Private Administrative Remedy

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price