EXCLUSIVE: Preferred Private Lender List + BONUSES: Creditability Kit and Property Investment Calculator. With FREE lifetime updates.




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You will have access to EXCLUSIVE Preferred Private Lenders who are Privately lending from $10,000.00 to $1,000,000.00+ or more for your Real Estate Investment and Businesses and Projects. No more jumping through hoops with CONVENTIONAL lenders. Private Lenders have much less underwriting and documentation requirements and are DIRECT LENDERS. YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! THEY DIRECTLY LEND THE FUNDS THEMSELVES!


* This list includes LIFETIME FREE Updates sent directly to your inbox. 




Credibility Kit:

ALL the documents you need to BUILD creditability with your new Private Lenders. 20 Specific documents that will build your credibility and polish your appeal in the highest regard to your new Private Lenders. These documents will give you the professional image and information to make your New Private lenders say those magic words  "APPROVED".


Number Cruncher - Property Investment Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet is the goto tool for you the Private Banker when acquiring Real Estate assets/ collateral. No need to perform the complex calculations in your head or on paper. JUST PUNCH IN YOUR NUMBERS and you get all the crunching you need to SUCCEED. Detailed Instruction included on page 2 of your new calculator. 


*NOTE: Please be PREPARED and PROFESSIONAL when contacting these lenders. The first impression is truly a lasting one. 

EXCLUSIVE Preferred "Private" Lender List + BONUSES