Secured Party Document Prep & Filings Services


"WE FILE FOR YOU" (Includes all filing fees) + ENTIRE DOCUMENT SET


"WE" Prepare, file and ship your documents back to you. 


"YOU" are responsible for:

  • Printing your documents (including printing your Bond for Investment and Trust Certificates on Bond paper). 
  • Signing and Notarizing your documents
  • Shipping your documents back to us for filing


Are you ready to take back control of your own life? Becoming a Secured Party Creditor is the first step towards this goal. This process includes everything that needs to be done to establish a superior interest in the debtor trust. This filing also includes filing for you and the filing costs to do so. It does not include printing and notarization.


Benefits of Becoming a SPC

  • Separates with specific distinction the flesh and blood man from the fictitious corporate entity
  • Reserves/Secures rights and interests (Remember you have no rights unless they are asserted.)
  • Creates the ability to proceed in other filings/venues etc…
  • establish a superior interest in the debtor trust
  • establishes a Common Law Copyright
  • defines penalties for violations of rules and rights


Documents that are included in this filing.

  • Security Agreement
  • Common Law Copyright
  • Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement
  • UCC Financing Statement
  • UCC Financing Addendum
  • Cover Letter
  • Chargeback
  • Declaration of Trust
  • and many more.


Documents needed to get started: Copy of State Issued Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate or Country Birth Certificate Social Security Number + Serial Number on back Copy of Driver license (this is for identity verification) PRIVACY PROTECTION GUARANTEE Your personal documents and information is kept secure at all times and electronically shredded in accord with the Gutmann Method  -  $1,250.00

Platinum Package - We Prepare, YOU Sign/Notarize, We File for You