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Can you provide me with an estimated time frame to complete the documentation and filing processes?


The document preparation can take 7-10 days (depends on whether you have your documents.) The filings take an average of 8-10 weeks to complete. The entire process can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 1.5 years as all of the bonds in the TRADE-NAME being traded have to be called in, liquidated, investors must be paid to liquidate their interests, CUSIPS pulled and new ones added, TDA passthrough account must be established and ready to receive and re-invest proceeds. 


Are documentation and written information provided in the SPC courses?.


Our courses provide documentation, templates and informational resource link for you to build and effective library as a Secured Party Creditor, Private Banker.


Do the SPC courses have interactive participation or purely lecture/presentation?


It's both. We have a 25 minute Q&A slot for each course. The course is designed to introduce the topic, provide explanation and promote participation. This all aids in allowing for effective application of processes and procedures as a Private Banker moving forward. 


How long have you been performing SPC DocuPrep & Filing services?


Since 2006


How many SPC DocuPrep & Filing services have you completed?


8302 and counting. (Updated November 19, 2017)


What types of complications or problems have you encountered?


Clients unable to obtain documents. Clients wanting "fast food" service and not wanting to re-educate themselves. Prospective and actual clients trying to manipulate the document prep and filing process by asking questions unrelated to the PROCESS of document prep and filing. Instead, they want an on-the-fly education about the entire process while constantly regressing to the TDA account and Funds access. It's so much more than the funds.  You have to know how to manage the accounts. Act as Trustee, perform administrative tasks and OPERATE...PRIVATELY. 


Does completing the platinum package guarantee full unfettered control/access to my TreasuryDirect, birth certificate and SSN accounts?


YES! But it requires work on the part of the Private Banker to actively pursue the entire process unfettered. It also requires them to actively CONTRL and Manages the Strawman accounts as Authorized Rep, Agent and to OVERSTAND operating in the Private and CONTROLLING the Public. 


Can you provide references?


YES! At the request and permission of former clients of course. WE OPERATE PRIVATELY and RESPECT our client's PRIVACY. So we would need to ask our clients for consent and we would do the very same thing for you as a client. Our clients are impressed, happy and grateful that we are of service to them.  


Do you personally have control over your own TDA, BC and SSN accounts?


YES Everyone who works here does, as we are ALL Secured Party Creditors, Private Bankers. Some are still int he process of liquidation, some have Black Cards. 


Will this process adversely affect my retirement annuity and SS payments?


No. You will continue to act as Authorized Rep/Agent for the TRADE-NAME (ALL CAPS NAME)

You will just do it PRIVATE.Y as Secured Party Creditor, Trustee, Executor, Grantor, Private Banker.


Will this change my tax obligations?


Not yet. As you move to operating as a trust and Private Banker. Those obligations will change but that is far off right now. 


Will I be able to access large sums of money for purchases?


No. The Account will only be setup for a Discharge account. You would have to use conventional methods to obtain goods and services and ask for invoices. Those invoices would then be ACCEPTED by you as Private Banker and discharged with your UCC Contract Trust Account. 


How long does this process take to complete?


The document preparation can take 7-10 days (depends on whether you have your documents.)

The filings take an average of 8-10 weeks to complete.


After completion does that mean what I may buy will really belong to me and not the elite?


That depends on how you "Secure" the asset as "Secured" Party Creditor, Private Banker. Perfecting the Security FIRST is most important. But we can't give too detailed answers as this information is covered in our training courses. 



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