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Eliminate Debts! with the NEW Debt Discharge & Elimination system!


This system is WIN/WIN for you and Lose/Lose for the banks/extenders of credit/ so-called lenders


This system has been tested over the last 36 months with a 100% success rate!

We live in a CREDIT-based society where the banks and NOT provide full disclosure to Borrowers about the creation of Credit & Debit. When you obtain a Loan, you are ASKING a Lender to EXTEND CREDIT. They NEVER LOAN you anything! You actually LOAN them CREDIT by way of your Signature on the Promissory Note. That PROCESS creates the Credit and the BANK EXTENDS A CONTRACT attached to the Promissory Note that is what creates the DEBT OBLIGATION. They then EXTEND the equivalent CREDIT in their banking system (of which they have a chokehold on) by adding the MADE UP CREDIT AMOUNT indicated on the Promissory Note You Signed into the ACCOUNT that is setup for the LOAN. They do NOT tell you this and this is FRAUD on their part because they MUST provide FULL DISCLOSURE...but it is the CONTRACT that eliminates their REQUIREMENT to FULLY DISCLOSE because people agree/sign the contract with a BLANK ENDORSEMENT.


This system is WIN/WIN for you and Lose/Lose for the banks/extenders of credit/ so-called lenders. Why? Because silence is AGREEMENT through "TACIT Acquiesence". So if they DONT respond they will be admitting that they are DEFRAUDING you, and IF THEY DO RESPOND, the Affidavit they are required to sign and send back causes them to ADMIT THAT THEY ARE DEFRAUDING YOU. Win/Win for you, Lose/Lose for them.


Discharge and Eliminate:



Student Loans - Yes that is correct! Student Loans Eliminated!

Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

Personal Loans

Automobile Loans - FINALLY! A product that Eliminates Automobile Loans
Credit Cards (Account will be closed but discharged eliminated)


All the documents you need to successfully discharge and eliminate the debt that has been holding you back from achieving your goals in life.


This system includes the documents to have the debts eliminated from the bank's books AND your credit reports. it even includes documents that will make ANY third-party debt collector head for the hills and never bother you again. No more submitting and becoming a debtor slave to the banks and financial institutions who are NOT providing you with FULL DISCLOSURE about the loan.


YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SECURED PARTY CREDITOR PRIVATE BANKER! But if you will ONLY strengthen and protect your position and NEVER hurt you. As Private Bankers, we KNOW that being a Secured Party Creditor far outways NOT being one.


This is a .ZIP file that contains MS Word files as editable templates and PDF files as examples. (If any)


DISCLAIMER: Results vary depending on who is applying the system and whether they are mixing processes. DO NOT mix processes. Use one process and follow through to completion to obtain the desired result. SUCCESS!


Q&A Common Questions and Answers


What if I am making payment and I'm current on the debt?


You are in Honor, Stay in Honor. Continue making payments until the debt is discharged/ eliminated. Allow them to get themselves into DISHONOR.


What if I am in foreclosure? Will it stop the foreclosure?


Yes. You can submit your documents in open court (if you are at this stage) so the Bank won't play any games and the record will reflect your request for validation of the debt via Affidavit and exposing the Banks fraud in open court.


- Make sure you send the documents asap and get them into default through their quiet agreement. It has stopped foreclosure completely. The International Promissory Note is 100% Effective at STOPPING FORECLOSURE and getting your Home/ Property FREE & CLEAR of the mortgage lien.


Will this work with my student loans?


- Yes. Now is the time to initiate the DDE System as there is a HALT/PAUSE on Studen Loan Payments. Get THEM to admit that they are in DISHONOR and that the Debt was PAID when the MASTER PROMISSORY NOTE was signed by you. The Debt/Loan gets discharged and you can seek damages.


Will this work with credit cards that have been charged off but still reporting on my strawman/woman's credit report?


Yes. There is a letter in the system to send to the credit reporting agencies letting them know that you are disputing the debt DIRECTLY with the creditor and they (The Credit Reporting Agencies) MUST stop all REPORTING on that disputed debt. (It MUST be REMOVED while in Dispute DIRECTLY with the Creditor otherwise, this is a Violation of the FDCPA Fair Debt Collections Practices and Act and the FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act) These are FEDERAL LAWS


Will this work with taxes?


We do NOT give tax or legal advice. The International Promissory is much more effective with Taxes. Contact us for a consultation. You MUST be a client in good standing.


Can I use the same lender again if I use this system to discharge/eliminate a debt?


- Why would you want to? If you had the debt discharged/eliminated because the bank admitted to defrauding you either by silence or response, WHY would you want to do business with them again? Would they want to do business with you after you exposed them?


Now we have a question for you...


What do you have to lose?


A ridiculous, made-up DEBT that you had no idea was already paid when you "applied" your Signature to the Original Promissory Note.


What do you gain?



  • Credit Reports/Scores are not harmed causing you to fall into poverty because they developed a scoring system to determine who is rich and who is poor.
  • Your credit scores INCREASE as the FRAUDULENT DEBTS can NOT be added to credit reports.
  • You now KNOW the truth about how CREDITS and DEBTS are created.
  • You now KNOW how to ELIMINATE DEBTS for yourself and others
  • You can now CONFIDENTLY execute LOANS & CONTRACTS KNOWING you will not be liable because the Banking/CREDIT/DEBT system in this country is based on FRAUD. And you can DISCHARGE & ELIMINATE THE DEBT now and in the future.

Debt Discharge & Elimination System

$999.99 Regular Price
$699.99Sale Price
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