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Your Public Servants include all oath-bound Officers of the Law. Most frontline “Police Officers”, however, perform two roles:

As Peace Officers they uphold the law, discharging their impartial duties under Oath “according to law”, which is the de jure Common Law Jurisdiction, also known as the “Law of the Land”. They swear to "keep the peace", by doing their best to keep people and their property safe from harm. They are protected by a Public Bond, having Limited liability. They have Common Law powers (Constitutional) delegated by the People.

As Policy Officers they enforce statutes, which prescribe the legal terms and conditions of contracts with penalties etc., in the de facto Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction, also known as the “Law of the Sea”. They do NOT swear an Oath to “enforce statutes” in commerce, and are NOT protected by a Public Bond, having Unlimited full commercial liability. They have Corporate powers (Contractual) which are subject to Consent.


Peace Officer = “Constabulary Powers” = Constitutional
Policy Officer = “Corporate Powers” = Contractual

Revenue gathering for YOURNATION (INC.) in the Admiralty Maritime Jurisdiction is not part of the sworn duty of a “Peace Officer/Constable”. An Officer conducting legal fiction commerce in support of the private debt-money system of bondage can be described as a private mercenary abdicating their Oath.

“Police Officers” enforcing statutes in legal fiction commerce have NO JURISDICTION over any living man or woman unless that man or woman consents to that jurisdiction.

All legal jurisdiction over a man or woman requires their consent, and so all presentments from of a “Police Officer” are a “service” offered by “consent”.


“It's important for us to know what people think of our service - in New Zealand we police
by consent and cannot afford to lose the support of the people we serve.” (emphasis added)

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