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T.R.U.S.T. Services Consultation.



Have a "Unique Situation" impacting your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Don't know where to turn? Do you have a do it yourself ambition? We can assist you.


We provide one-on-one 'Trusted Resource Unique Situational Training' to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to SUCCEED. 


Here are some of the "unique situations" we have SUCCESSFULLY assisted our clients with:


Credit creation, leverage and investing.
Administrative Procedure.
Asset, Estate property protection (i.e. your children, home, car)
Predatory/ Fraudulent Mortgage, Automobile Loan Discharge.
Make debt collector PAY YOU to go away.
UCC-1 Lien perfection against violators of your private copyright property.  
Negotiable Instrument Drafting, Presentment and Transfer.
Credit building, repair, trade lines, enhancing, sweeping. 
Trust Administration, Credit building, asset acquisition. 
Child custody, support and protection.
Private Banker procedures, resources and operations.

Business startup, credit building and operations consulting


$100 / Hour


We do not provide "advice in any form", We provide "education and training". Pick your informational and educational sources like fruit. 




* All TRUST Services Consultations whether as part of a package or purchased separately must be used within 90 days of receipt of document binder or purchase (if purchased separately) or that TRUST Services Consultation time is forfeited by the client. 

* The use of SPEAKERPHONE is prohibited. Our system can detect speakerphones and will automatically hang up and you will forfiet your consultation and fees. Buy purchasing this service you agree to all Terms of Use. 

T.R.U.S.T Services Consultation

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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