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In light of this COVID-19 Pandemic, we are taking special preventive measures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. 


Our Quality Control Team is using the UV (ULTRAVIOLET) Sanitizing & Disinfecting Wand (seen below & available on along with wearing gloves and face masks while preparing and shipping your printed documents, binders, books and stamp orders.












All of our staff are required to wash their hands 3x per shift and use hand sanitizer between washings. No documents, binders books or stamps are permitted to be handled with bare hands.  Gloves are worn whenever any of our shippable are handled.


The United States Post Office by way of the USPS irradiates ALL mail to eradicate ALL bacteria, pathogens etc. Our preventive measures will ensure that ALL of our mailings are bacteria and pathogen-free upon arrival to all of our clients.




SANITIZE & PROTECT daily...Remember to wash your hands daily (teach this to your children and live by example), sanitize your home (spring cleaning), offices, cars etc. 


SANITIZE & PROTECT your Trinity. Mind Body and Soul. There is a health and fitness revolution coming. Moziah has formulated a new Green Superfood powder to fortify the Trinity. He is awaiting samples this week and will test them on himself. The ingredients in this SuperFood are amazing. From promoting Immune Health, Cognitive Function, Whole Body Health, Promotes Energy, Detoxes the entire body and Reduces stress. ANYONE can use this Superfood from Seniors to Children and everyone in between.


It's FOOD. It is a Green SuperFood to ensure you get everything your Trinity needs and more on a daily basis for OPTIMAL HEALTH. It is designed to fortify and strengthens our Trinity. Upon his approval, his manufacturer will begin production and he will launch the product. You ALL will receive the launch email. We will also be hiring staff to work from home in customer service, support, health & fitness bloggers etc. 

SANITIZE & PROTECT your Sovereignty! If you are not a Secured Party Creditor Private Banker NOW is the time to become one.  The SPCPB is EXEMPT FROM LEVY and NOT A SUBJECT/CITIZEN/SLAVE. 


Be well, be healthy, be safe, BE BLESSED.

- Moziah

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