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This course covers:


  • Mastering the 4 pillars
  • Giving “Notice" under the UCC
  • Using the Executor Letter/Executive Notice to give “Notice” under the UCC
  • Giving the secondary credit reporting/housing agencies the following notices: Cease & desist Notice, Notice of copyright/trademark infringement and opt-out Notice
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


This course is one of the MOST IMPORTANT courses we offer. It covers the 4 pillars, Administration of your Estate as it relates to Credit Reporting Agencies and Secondary Agencies. There are a total of 50 Credit Reporting Agencies (including the Big 3) using, buying, selling and profiting from your Private Property (ALL CAPS NAME) without your consent. This course exposes those agencies and give you the tools needed to put those agencies on Notice under UCC 1-202. Once they have been put on Notice, they are NOW in a position to pay you should you discover that they are still stealing your private property after you have effectly and lawfully put them on Notice under UCC 1-202. They are NOW in a position to pay you because you have a Security Interest/ Lien. Advanced 9 will cover how EXACTLY to go about billing/invoicing and COLLECTING on your security interests. 


Course Jewels; Affidavit of Mailing (cover sheet) ; The Estate Letter Template customized as a multi-purpose Notice under UCC 1-202. Public Servant Questionaire and IRS form W9. If we did your documents for you, then you have the other required documents to complete this Adminsitrative Task for your Estate. 


Course length: 60 minutes


72 Hour Pay Per View - You will have 72 hours to view this course as many times as you wish. 

Advanced 8 SPC Course

$175.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
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