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Contains SECRETS the Bank DO NOT Want you to KNOW. 



Your home/property is your BIGGEST asset and it should be making YOU wealthy, NOT the banks. 


Free Your Home/Property from the Chains of a Bank Mortgage forever.

All the information & document templates  needed to DISCHARGE & ELIMINATE the Bank Mortgage from Your Home/Property...FOREVER!


This Mortgage Debt Discharge and Elimination System is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED by Moziah for the Discharge of Mortgage Debt. Everything was done for you. All you have to do is START, FOLLOW THROUGH, FOLLOW UP AND FINISH. 


This system is 100% Effective at Discharging and Eliminating Residential as well as Commercial Mortgages. The Banks will want you to go away and in some cases will pay you damages to go away along with releasing the lien/mortgage on your home/property.  


Complete with INSTRUCTIONAL EBOOK and ALL editable document templates to begin and complete the process. It also includes a SAMPLE Federal Crminal Complaint and Subpeona for Documents namely the Affidavit that you are requesting. Now...if we KNOW they wont return the Affidavit and the Subpeona will FORCE them to return the Affidavit...what do you think the Bank will do? HEAD FOR THE HILLS. Discharge the Mortage 100%




Can I complete this process if I’m in Foreclosure? Yes. Send the Bank your letters Certified Mail and present them in open court on the record. it will stop the foreclosure because the Bank will need to Verify and Validate by providing the Affidavit. They will never do it. Bye bye foreclosure. You get your home free and clear. 


How long does the process take in total? 45-90 days (Approx. 3 Months) to complete the process.


Can I complete this process for someone else? Yes. Make sure you have their consent via a Power of Attorney if they can not complete the process for themselves.


What if the Bank does NOT discharge the Mortgage? You WIN before you File the Federal Criminal Complaint and Subpoena and get a case number. They will settle and discharge before your case takes shape. They DO NOT want this on the public record.


What if there is a Debt Collector trying to collect on the Past Due Debt?

Use E Letter #4 Debt Validation Letter to ANY 3rd party who is NOT THE Pretend Lender.


Can I pay you to complete the process for me? No. Stop being Lazy. We already prepared all of the documents with instructions for you. This is a n invaluable skill to possess. Your ability to help others after you are successful will make you an authority on the subject. You will be able to speak truth to light as you have completed the process for yourself.


Do I need a Lawyer to File the federal Criminal Complaint? No. The Federal Criminal Complaint and Subpoena gets filed ($350) in District Court, a case number is issued, a Judge/Magistrate is assigned and you file a Motion for summary Judgment as there is NOTHING to argue or controvert as the BANK has ADMITTED by its NON-RESPONSE & TACIT ACQUIESENCE AGREEMENT that they are defrauding you.


Why is the Bank is calling me at home or my job? They can NO LONGER do this as the letters revoke their ability to contact you by phone at home or at work. Keep track of all calls and use them as evidence in the Federal case. Record every call and clearly state to them over the phone “ You no longer have permission to contact me by phone, if you do it is $1500 per call, how clear is that?’ Once they confirm clarity, hang up. Make sure you record every call and produce your phone records as proof of the calls.


Why is the bank not returning signed Affidavit? Because they would be admitting to defrauding you. They will never return the signed affidavit and that is what you want. By signing and sending the affidavit they admit to defrauding you. By NOT signing and sending the affidavit, they admit to defrauding you. Sending you ANYTHING but the Affidavit is NOT a response and their TACIT AGREEMENT & ACQUIESENCE that they are defrauding you.


Why haven’t received a GREEN CARD/ Return Receipt for a letter I sent? The Postal Service is SLOW. Track the number of the certified mail item online and PRINT the GREEN Delivery confirmation screen and at it to your documents. It provides the same PROOF OF DELIVERY that the Green Card does.


You WIN/WIN and they (The Pretend Lender/ Bank) LOSE/LOSE. Not sorry!


Mind Your Mind: Any Attorney WOULD charge your over $10,000.00 to complete this procedure (most dont know this simple prcoedure or would not reveal it if they did know) and RE-PRESENT you in THEIR court ONLY to have the Banks pay him/her off secretly to rope you back into a mortgage contract or even DEFAULT resulting in the loss of your home/property. $2500 is well worth me doing this myself and obtaining a WIN/WIN, My home/property free and clear and damages from the fraudlant banks. Proverbal David and Golliath story where you WIN/WIN.


*We do not offer payment plans

*Absolutley ZERO REFUNDS on Download Products. 


Word to the Wise: With All the foreclosures about to take place across this country, there is going to be a HUGE need for people who know this procedure and can help others out of similar situations. A WORKMAN IS WORTHY OF HIS HIRE. So yes, you can use your new found expertise to assist others and profit from your efforts. And if you own a real estate portfolio of properties, this is a DREAM COME is the Art of Telling the Truth.. 2nd & 3rd Pillars. 


Master The 4 Pillars:

1. Master Your Signature

2. Master Affidavits

3. Master the Public Record

4. Master the Estate



You may use Debit/Credit or PayPal/PayPal Credit at Checkout.


choose OFFLINE PAYMENT METHOD and someone will contact you. 

*We do not offer payment plans

*Absolutley ZERO REFUNDS on Download Products. 


Mortgage Debt Discharge & Elimination System - INSTANT DOWLOAD

$2,499.00 Regular Price
$1,999.20Sale Price
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