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The NEW: Private Capacity, Rescission Notice, Reservation of Rights Stamp

The MOST IMPORTANT stamp ALL Private Bankers & Private Individuals Should have.


This multi-function stamp does the following:


1. Give Notice of Rescission of any Signatures, Conscionable and Unconscionable Contracts.

2. Cancels any Signatures, Conscionable and Unconscionable Contracts.

3. Notice of Non-Acceptance of any Conscionable and Unconscionable Contracts without dishonor.

4. Gives Notice of Operating / Traveling in your Private Capacity as SPCPB and any and all acts by (PUBLIC THEM) will result in Torts against Private you.

5. Gives Notice of the Federal Codes that BIND THEM (i.e. Conspiracy Against Rights, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, Aggravated Identity Theft) & that will be used against them as Tort Claims for the violations of your Rights as a result of the fraudulent presentment/document/offer.

6. Gives Notice of Copyright/Tradename/Trademark Infringement

7. Gives Notice of Intent to File Commercial Liens against the Oaths/Bonds/Assets of the Tort Feasor.

8. Provides a Full Reservation of Rights Under UCC 1-308


How the STAMP is used:


1. You receive a "presentment" in your TRADENAME/TRADEMARK/Name i.e. offer/invitation/citation/trafficticket/summons/presentment/instrument/indictment/charge/ commercial presentment/ admiralty contract As per Regulation Z TILA Truth in Lending Act... any and all parties to an offer/contract/ has 72 hours to rescind said contract due to a lack of FULL DISCLOSURE. 

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS TO GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. DO NOT BE A DEADBEAT FREELOADER! This is for "presentments" that you wish to CANCEL and be done with because you no longer give/authorized/grant/consent to them the right to use your commercial property (TRADENAME). Not BILLS for utltities and services that you use. That is trying to get something for nothing. The Account will be CANCELED AND CLOSED AND NO LONGER USED as per your STAMPED instruction. 


2. You stamp the ORIGINAL presentment (Front and Back) Make a color copy or scan the original for your records and return it TO THE ORIGINAL ADDRESS from which it came within 72 hours via certified mail return receipt. CONTRACT IS VOID. You exposed their bullshit. Said "offeror/presenter" can no longer expect to receive any payment (there is no money) or performance (they are stealing your Private property for profit and they are operating on a fraudulent unconscionable contracts/offer, violating their own laws, your rights and committing Torts against you, your TRUST and Estate.


3. Keep ALL Copies and Mailing Receipts to Prove that you RETURNED THEIR OFFER with 72 Hours TILA Truth in Lending Act and you can now File a Tort Claim for Damages against the fraudulent offeror if they attempt to continue to violate your Private Capacity, Rescission Notice, Reservation of Rights Stamp.


We have consulted with numerous individuals from court clerks, to traffic administrators, secretaries of states, officers and business executives and they all say the same thing...its' all about offer and acceptance and the Admiralty "contracts" that result.


These contract are conscionable and unconscionable and ALL of them can be rescinded within 72 hours TILA.


Remember...Sign the Right way, You can Walk Away.


Be well, be blessed, be FREE. - Moziah

Private Capacity, Rescission Notice, Reservation of Rights Stamp

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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