Outside your front door there is a world of commerce waiting and in that World, there are only DEBTORS or CREDITORS! Every day the Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is involved in commerce - in your travels and transactions, it may be necessary to identify yourself as the Secured Party Creditor Private Banker!


The Secured Party Creditor Private Banker global ID card contains key information for the SPCPB to identify him/herself, Clearly establish your God given Right to Travel Globally, Reserve your Rights via UCC 1-308, Establish fees for the violation of your rights, indicates your UCC-1 Financing Statement ID Number and lists your personal identiying information. It contains a Security Hologram with your photo super imposed within the Holgram for extra security and forgery prevention. All while NOT CONSENTING to the codes, statutes and adhesion contracts associated with the Driver License or State issued Identification. 


This ID is:


  • Cedit card size;
  • Made of High quality PVC ;
  • Contains a Security Feature Hologram with your image super imposed within 
  • Can be used in a wide variety of applications;
  • Includes a powerful constructive notice, reservation of rights on the back
  • Includes a Waiver of Benefits and Privileges on the back
  • Clearly stipulates the fees for the Violation of your Rights
  • Scannable QR Code that links to your online filing of your *Affidavit of Right to Travel
  • Easily documents filing location and filing number
  • Great to have and "present" whenever you are stopped while "traveling" in a motorized conveyence. (DMV codes define it as "Driving" a "Motor Vehicle") 
  • There is NO LAW that requires you to have a Driver's License
  • You have a God Given Right to "Travel Globally"


Requirements for ID:

Personal Identifying information (i,e, D.O.B., Address, Hieght, Weight, Eyes, Hair)

Passport sized scanned photo.

UCC-1 FInancing Statement Number: (If none available, we will create a Temporary number for you)(When you receive your UCC-1 Number you may renew your ID for FREE. and add your UCC-1 Financing Statement Number)


*If you wish to have your QR Code linked to your online Public Record of your Affidavit of Right to Travel, you must have the Affidavit ready to be uploaded to our Public dropbox folder. Contact us for more details. 

Secured Party Creditor Private Banker GLOBAL ID