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On September 8, 2017 (6 weeks AFTER the actual data breach) Equifax, Inc disclosed that a data breach affecting 145 million Americans occurred. The identity and personal information for these 145 million Americans were stolen and now sits in the hands of the unknown. Use this process to obtain your private remedy for the damage and injury you may suffer now and in the future as a result of this data breach. And to add insult to injury Eqiufax, inc. is SELLING you, YOUR OWN information along with a score that dictates how far you advance in this society.


Be empowered, get YOUR remedy, Take Control and build your Wealth! 


Click here to check if you are a victim of the  2017 Equifax Data Breach.


There are people who have hired attorneys to sue Equifax for the data breach and good for them. There are MANY other people who can not afford an attorney. This Private Administrative Remedy empowers you ( the common man/woman to get Equifax, Inc. into commercial default through their quiet agreement to compensate you a minimum of $75 Million (Yes $75 Million) dollars. After you get them into default by following this very simple Private Administrative Procedure/ Remedy.


You will use the US Mail to have your documents sent via certified mail so that you obtain proof that your process is presented, delivered, signed for, accepted and completed. You can also use Notary Presentment (Using a Notary to present/ship/mail/ deliver your documents. This will add a Third Party public official witness to your process to prove that Equifax, Inc. has quietly accepted and agreed to ALL of the claims put forth using this process. 


All documents needed to complete this process are pre-filled as templates in MS Word format with a visual aid in PDF format.


All you have to do is fill in your information and follow the simple steps to complete the procedure.  


In the commercial world, there is a word called "Acquiescence". It means to quietly agree. 


You will want to use a Notary to provide you with a Certificate of Non-Response (included in this download) to prove that Equifax, Inc. has not responded and through their non-response have acquiesced and quietly agreed to all the claims put forth by you using this amazingly simple process. 




( Sample Civil Cover Sheet, Complaint and Motion in MS Word format included with this download)


Here is what I would do AFTER I got Equifax, Inc. into Commercial default through their acquiescence:


1. I would file a civil case against Equifax, Inc. and get a case number and demand a Jury trial.


 2. I would get a case number and immediately file a Motion for Summary Judgement. Why? Because I have Equifax, Inc. into Administrative/Commercial Default by exhausting the Private Administrative Procedure/ Remed, there I have one before I even started the case. There is no controversy, nothing to argue because of Equifax, Inc. has quietly agreed by their non-response, silence, and acquiescence. 




You do NOT need an Attorney to complete this process. All you need is ambition, drive, and a do-it-yourself attitude. You DO NOT have to be a Secured Party to complete this process. If you are an SPCPB it will just strengthen your position. 


How gratifying would it be to know you, YOURSELF, completed a process that made you extremely wealthy due to the gross negligence, aggravated identity theft, and fraud perpetrated against you by the Equifax, Inc data breach? 


What is in the download?


  1. Conditional Acceptance formatted specifically for the Equifax, Inc. data breach. All the forms needed to complete the process in MS Word format. All you do is replace the information with your own, print, sign, notarize and send via certified mail. 

  2. Civil case documents. All the forms needed to file a civil case in your local District or State court to get a formal court Judgment ordering Eqiufax, Inc. to pay you the amount ($75 Million Dollars minimum) in your Conditional Acceptance. 


The amount agreed/ acquiesced to be paid is a minimum $75 Million dollars. They will try and settle for pennies on the dollar, but once they are in default and a judgment is rendered as a result of that default, that amount MUST be paid. 






























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